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Mountain Ridge



Real Estate

One of our main pillars and investment cornerstone is real estate syndication.  Through off-market deals, value add, and forced appreciation we tend to source deals where market competition criteria do not apply.

Main Investment Criteria + Benefits 

  • Stability

  • Cash Flow

  • Amortization

  • Tax Benefits 

  • Leverage 

  • Appreciation 

  • Value add 

Logistics &

Through an innovative solutions, we focus on acquisition and specialize in company turnarounds.  Many of the companies we acquire are national asset-based carriers that focus on end to end delivery of refrigerated and dry goods.  Through innovative technology and results-driven leadership platform we focus on "lean" operations methods in order to maximize investors' returns while providing unprecedented employee benefits like 401k, ESP, medical insurance, and new equipment.


Restaurant &

From initial concept, design, strategy, to construction and operation we focus on emerging trends within the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Through our strategic industry partnership, we are able to facilitate a complete solution in this space in order to increase margin profitability.  

Our primary focus is the "fast-casual" market in highly dense and affluent suburban submarkets.

& Emerging Markets 

We are always focused on the ever-changing world economy and look to emerging investment opposites within.  From cryptocurrency markets to international alternative energy we are committed to uncovering new and better ways to diversify our portfolio and investment offerings.

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