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About Us

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Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

About Us

Since our inception, MVK Capital has built a strong reputation through promises kept to all of our strategic partners and investors.

With a strong entrepreneurial and business ownership background, we strive to apply real-world experiences and technical training in order to exceed our clients' investment goals.  Our no-nonsense approach along with vertical business integration makes us unique where each asset we acquire is able to plug into the greater whole thus strengthening the over the portfolio. This, of course, is part of our strategic risk mitigation and extreme ability to pivot in order to conform to ever-changing market conditions.  Being resilient and transparent from top-down allows us to create organizational cultures that promote goal-oriented profitable growth.



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Team Members



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Our Team

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Shaz Khan

Strategic Adviser Board Member

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Milan Milojevic 

Chief Financial Officer - General Partner

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Goran Vejzovic

Principal - General Partner

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Dario Klasic

Chief Operating Officer - General Partner

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Tyler Kurtz

Commercial Broker Property Manager

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Nina Swienton

Strategic Advisor Board Member

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Zachary Crain

General Legal Counsel Shareholder -  PA

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Boban Milojevic

Operations Director Chief Analyst

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